The first fully automatic leveling system, can be fitted to any type or size of caravan.








*    SIMPLE TO USE – works at the turn of key, no pumping or winding needed.
*    ELECTRICALLY OPERATED – trouble free and no extra maintenance.
*    A GREAT BOON – When you arrive after dark or when raining.
*    SECURITY – with the steadies locked down a deterrent to criminals.
*    DIY KIT – for easy home fitting with easy to follow comprehensive instructions
*    THE CARALIFT HITCHING/UNHITCHING AID – optional extra can be added at any time.
*    FOR THOSE WHO ARE NOT DIY MINDED – The system can be fitted at our fitting centre, possibly your local dealer
or home, by one of our mobile engineers.

At the turn of a key the caravan will level itself in just 2 ½ minutes , with no more intervention from the operator. Ideal for the disabled, back pain sufferers or those simply wanting to make life easier.

The system is controlled by an advanced electronic computer, which senses the position of the caravan and activates the motors on the four corner steadies.
These operate in a sophisticated controlled sequence to ensure the wheels are not lifted off the ground , there is no undue stress or chassis twist.

This system now also incorporates a ‘stabilizer or park’ mode so as to enable the caravan to be steadied, without necessarily being level, for short stops and storage.

Each system is covered by a 12-month warranty and is available in kit form with easy instructions to allow the DIY enthusiast home fitting in approximately 6 hours.

And don’t forget, when you sell your caravan your CARALEVEL system can be transferred easily from your old van to the new one.

To see a video of how the system works please go to our home page.