We’ve been on the level for 30 years.

Our Caralevel British designed systems were first introduced in the mid-1980s and we have been fitting them in our location in North Buckinghamshire since 1990.  With our policy of continuous development, our products have been well tried and tested over the years and we can boast of giving excellent reliability and customer satisfaction.

Our range of products are electrically operated so no winding or pumping is necessary.

These include:

The Caralevel automatic levelling system for touring caravans.

The first fully automatic caravan levelling system that can be fitted to any type or size of caravan.

At the turn of a key the caravan will level itself in just 150 seconds, with no more intervention from the operator. This makes it Ideal for the disabled, back-pain sufferers or those wanting to simply make life easier.
The system also incorporates a “stabilizer or park mode” so as to enable the Caravan to be steadied, without necessarily being level, for short stops and storage.

The Caralift Optional Extra-A hitching or Alko wheel lock aid.

This is an addition to the leveling system and enables the caravan to be raised or lowered off or onto, the tow ball of the towing vehicle, by the touch of a button.

This may also be alternatively programmed to raise and lower the near side temporally to facilitate the fitting of an Alko wheel lock.

The Power Steadies for Motorhomes

This is an automatic system for steadying the motorhome but not levelling it.

On arrival on site it is only necessary to simply turn a key on the dashboard and the two rear steadies lower themselves down under computer control – until they reach the ground – the computer detecting the ground level for each leg. Turn the key in the opposite direction  and the legs retract.