For over three decades, we’ve maintained a steadfast commitment to innovation and excellence in the world of caravanning and motorhoming. Born from British ingenuity in the mid-1980s and perfected in our North Buckinghamshire workshop since 1990, Caralevel has become synonymous with reliability and customer satisfaction. Our dedication to continuous development ensures that each product not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our valued customers.

Our suite of electrically operated systems eliminates the need for manual winding or pumping, offering unparalleled convenience and ease of use. Our flagship product, the Caralevel automatic levelling system, revolutionised the touring caravan experience. As the premier fully automatic levelling solution adaptable to any caravan, Caralevel offers simplicity and speed. With just a turn of a key, your caravan will achieve perfect equilibrium in a mere 150 seconds, without further need for your intervention. This system is especially beneficial for individuals with disabilities, those who suffer from back pain, or anyone looking to streamline their setup process. Additionally, our unique stabiliser or “park mode” provides stability during short stops or while in storage, without the necessity for complete levelling.

Expanding on our innovative offerings, the Caralift Optional Extra represents the next level in convenience. This hitching aid effortlessly raises or lowers your caravan onto the tow ball with the simple press of a button. Alternatively, it can be reprogrammed to assist in the alignment and fitting of an Alko wheel lock, making it a versatile tool for all caravan owners.

For motorhome enthusiasts, our Power Steadies system introduces effortless stability at your destination. With a turn of the dashboard key, the rear steadies deploy automatically, adjusting to the ground level under computer control for optimal steadiness. Reversing the key retracts the legs, streamlining the process and allowing you to focus on enjoying your adventure.

At Caralevel, we’re not just about maintaining the status quo; we’re about elevating your caravanning and motorhoming experience to new heights. Our history of innovation and a deep-seated commitment to customer satisfaction drive us forward, as we continue to develop solutions that let you start your holiday the moment you arrive.